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Clients Say

I feel that they’re part of our company. They’re not just an outside agency working with us – they’re us.

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Digital Development: Web, Social, Mobile, Tablet
  • Consumer and Trade Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Video

What is your story?

For some Next Street clients, marketing is the missing ingredient in the growth plan. Our Agency team helps small companies out-market larger competitors and transforms what is possible for nonprofit organizations by combining insightful communications with digital technology.

Next Street clients have a full-service agency on tap to position their organization in the marketplace, build a compelling brand and get the word out to the people who are most likely to engage or buy.


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Here are some of the marketing challenges our clients are facing today, and how we solve them:

Are we telling the right story to the right people?  A brand audit can help you discover what matters most to people and map out effective marketing strategies for all the audiences that matter.

Reinforcing a food service provider's reputation as the region's quality leader helped the company win $35 million in new contracts. Next Street also developed a design system that enables sales reps to create compelling marketing materials themselves.

Can our website work harder? Next Street can make your site the hub for interaction with your organization and all the channels that your audiences use: mobile apps, news feeds and social media.  Powerful analytics and search-engine optimization help us continuously improve performance for clients.

By sharpening a 100 year-old nonprofit’s story and developing custom content, Next Street increased website traffic by 46% in the first month, reduced administration costs, and enhanced donor participation.

We want to do something completely new… Next Street and its technology partners create new applications, not simply apply them. We can help your organization design innovative digital solutions that transform what is possible.

Next Street is helping four of the nation’s leading medical research centers create a dynamic digital learning environment to train primary care physicians in genetics and genetic risk communication to patients.  Administrative software will track how doctors learn and make it easier to update content based on new data.

How can I make my company better known?  The Next Street creative team is known for advertising and collateral materials that are tightly focused on business goals. Even other communications firms trust Next Street to tell their story:

Next Street is helping one of the world’s most respected news organizations deliver a more compelling story to U.S. advertisers.


Printed on Friday, October 31, 2014